How much is battery cage in Nigeria

How much is battery cage in Nigeria?
Battery cage means poultry cage, chicken cage, most people think it is for egg laying chicken.
Now in Nigeria there are 20% farmers and 30% farmers in Kenya. But more and more African countries are starting poultry farm or animal farm. Such as Ghana, Uganda and so on.
A.The cost of battery cage is very different.
1.common battery cage
Small farmers make themselves, for 100 birds or 200 birds, even less, they bought wire mesh, feeding and drinking tough to assemble simple battery poultry cage
2.battery cage made in Local
Cage suppliers own shop and simple factory, cutting wire mesh and buying feeding drinking trough to assemble battery cage, normally last for 2 or 3 years, the disadvantage is easy to rusting because of low quality of wire mesh
3.battery cage imported
Made in China, India or Euro, different shape, fittings and structure. Price is big difference based on their quality, now more and more farmers like Chinese cage, it is more economical and highly cost effective, but we could not say all Chinese suppliers are same level, you should polish your my eyes, there are cheaters all over the world.

B. Poultry Battery Cage – Best Rearing System or Not?
Considering the following points, you can decide whether battery cage systems will be best fit for your poultry business or not-
1. Egg Production
In Poultry Battery Cage, commercial egg production of chicken farm much higher as because, the movement of the laying hens are limited. Thus, hens are confined to absorb more food material that would turn into more frequent production of eggs. This is the opposite of what is obtained from floor rearing or other open-space rearing systems.
2. Reduction of feed Wastage
In Poultry Battery Cage systems, feed waste is reduced to a minimum as there will be no direct contact with the feeder case. Also, for no direct contact with the egg carrier, egg loss due to breaking by hens is also reduced to zero level.
3. Stock Taking of Chicken Farm
Stock taking and counting is much easier in battery cage system that other poultry orientations available. Even if there are ten thousand chickens in a poultry with battery cages, the owner can easily count his birds which will be much more difficult in deep littering systems where the birds are constantly moving frequently.
4. Waste Removal Features from Chicken Farm
Feed waste and chicken manure removal is much easier with battery cages. In deep litter system, you have to remove the layer of full shavings. In case of battery cages, you need to remove only the layer of shaving from the lower part of battery cages.

C. Chickens Poultry Battery Cages Features
1.Strong and durable – high strength welded mesh with solid solder joint;
2.Corrosion protection – electro or hot dipped galvanized optional;
3.Long service life – up to 10 to 30 years lifetime;
4.Increased density of bottom fabric – prevent the chicken feet from malformation or tiredness;
5.Unique cage door design – up and down sliding door, or left and right sliding door;
6.Easy to assemble and use – no need professional technicians;
7.Excellent natural ventilation environment – more fresh air on all tier;
8.Land & Space Saving – Centralized management, saving the land resource;
9.No chicken manure on eggs – keep the eggs from dirt;
10.Eggs won’t be broken or fall out – improving egg production of battery hens
11.Reduce the waste of feed – saving your expenses.

D. We can also provide free chicken cage layout design.


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