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Best® layer cage – chicken cage manufacturer since 1996 and African branch and office since 2009 10 years no rusting, whatsapp +8613663282016 ! What is layer cage? Layer cage is rearing egg laying chicken, after pullet growing up to 12 weeks or 16 weeks transport them to layer cage. Its biggest advantage is increasing egg production to 98%, very easy to handle chicken waste and reduce disease transmission. If you want to learn Broiler cage, pullet cage or other poultry farm products, pl...

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What is layer chicken cage?

Layer cage also named poultry cage or battery cage and mainly is rearing egg laying chicken, after pullet growing up to 12 weeks or 16 weeks transport them to layer cage. Its biggest advantage is increasing egg production, easily handle chicken waste and reduce disease transmission.


Installation yourself

`Your workers could do installation under our installation instructions`



Chicken house design & Layout of chicken cage or poultry equipment

` We will send you the chicken cage layout as your house size, or you tell me the birds you want to start, we send you the house drawing as same as pictures` showing


Poultr farms with our cage & equipment

Which state are you in?  Please leave to us to check your delivery cost


What is the necessary equipment besides layer chicken cages for different capacity of birds? 

1. below 2000 birds

Manual battery cage, workers will put food in chicken trough and picked eggs, in future if you want to enlarge your farm to 10,000+ birds, our automatic feeding equipment and automatic egg collection will be installed on the using layer cage directly.

2. between 5000 birds to 20000 birds 

Beside battery cage, we advice you choose manure removal system, chicken dropping cleaning once a day or two days, keep poultry house cleaning and air fresh, reduce disease and improve egg production rate. Some farmers also make feed themsevle and order feed scrusher and mixer, manure drying machine

3. 50000+ birds

Farmers could have 4 or 5 houses to contain, large one should consider some automatic equipment, 1 or 2 person manages a house, auto feeding hopper, auto egg collection and manure removal system, feed mill and manure drying machine too.

Above is our experience with our customers.


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  • It is A type, according to capacity per set, the specification is as followed

    Type A-120 A-128 A-160 A-200
    Item 3 tiers /5 doors 4 tiers /4 doors 4 tiers /5 doors 4 tiers /5 doors
    Set capacity 120 birds 128 birds 160 birds 160 birds
    Cell capacity 4 birds 4 birds 4 birds 4 birds
    Cage size
    2.0m*1.9m*1.62m 2.0m*2.3m*1.9m 2.0m*2.4m*1.9m 2.0m*3m*1.95m
    Cell size
    39cm*34cm*37cm 49cm*35cm*38cm 39cm*35cm*38cm 40cm*40cm*40cm

    Fittings details

    Name Description
    Water pipe new PVC material,
    no deformation,high temperature resistance,not easy to damage.
    Nipple drinker warranty>10 years
    Stainless steel ball inside nipple drinker
     Feed trough loading capacity>60kg/pc, White PVC material,
    adults can walking on it and not easy to be damaged during transport
    Galvanized cage mesh One cage basket
    Door, top mesh, back mesh, bottom mesh and partition mesh
    Steel cage frame warranty>20 years
    Iron bar, Galvanization surface treatment,
    Fixing accessories Connector of water pipe and feeding trough
    Cage clips, cage frame nuts and so on
    Water pressure controlling system Including the terminal device and water-split device,supply average water to the pipe

    Why Layer Cages by Best® is The Best® for Chicken rearing and laying Eggs
    Thank customer supplying pictures of our chicken cage using in his farm


    1. Raw material selection
    Carbon content decides the metal wire hardness, our metal wire for cage ordered from China big steel factory, high hardness and high elastic deformation, make the cage mesh no deformation, cage lifespan improves 3 years at least than common factory
    2. Up to 20 years using
    Quality hot deep galvanized cage mesh will ensure your cage that it remains protected from corrosion and rust for 10 years at least
    3. Cage mesh design
    Big sliding door design is easy to pick chicken, The density of bottom cage mesh can prevent feather and anus pecking and prevent layer chicken fatigue syndrome.
    4. save the land area
    saves 50% of the land than Cage-free type breeding. have a  good ventilation and lighting, efficiently prevent disease infection, improve the survival rate and egg collection of chicken.

    1. After the egg laying grow up to 12 week or 16 weeks, it starts laying egg, then transfer them to layer cage
    2. Your layer cage layout will be designed as your chicken house, freely supply house design and layerout
    3. Normally the walking way is between 0.7m to 1m, building pit under cage system, the distance between the wall and cage row is 0.7m
    Thank customer supplying pictures of our battery cage using in his farm


    1. Long time using
    More than 15 years lifetime, best® galvanized surface treatment line is imported from Germany, uniform zinc coat is more resistant to corrosion
    2. Easy to installation
    We supply installation instruction and video, no need professional technicians
    3. Excellent natural ventilation environment
    More fresh air on all tier
    4. Land & Space Saving
    A type design, use up space too, raising capacity is three or four times than ground feeding


    The cage and frame are no package , some fittings are in plastic bags and carton box. 
    1. Less of full container: below 80 sets, first packed with plastic film then on the pallets 
    2. Full container: Nude packing 

    Type 20 ft container 40 ft high container
    A-96 130 SETS 280 SETS
    A-120 130 SETS 280 SETS
    A-160 100 SETS 210 SETS
    A-200 80 SETS 160 SETS



    1. After finish installation, clean the feeding trough
    2. Connect water, to make sure the whole drinking system is well from row beginning to end
    3. After 2 years using, move all birds, clean the cage mesh
    4. Replace the nipple drinkers if they link water to protect brid feather, medicinal water will make feather fall off
    Thank customer supplying pictures of our chicken cage using in his farm


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