Popular And 15 Years No Rusting Chicken Cage In Nigerian Poultry Farm

Chicken battery cage is very popular in Nigerian farms as I know since 2009 I had first time visiting, that time poultry farm is still supported by Nigerian government, the main concentrated place of poultry farm is in Lagos, Ibadan and north like Kano, there are farms but very less such as Abuja, Kaduna, Jos and Port Harcourt, it develops more and more after 2011, till now almost every state Nigeria you could find small or big poultry farm.
I main introduce to you poultry farm project with chicken layer cage ( some Nigerian call battery cage ) in this article.

Structure of Chicken house - there are wooden, steel and high-rised, followed picture is wooden type of chicken house, outside the chicken house there is a big tank to supply the water of the whole house, farmers will put medicine in water.

Installation of Chicken cage - inner chicken house, there are 3 rows and farmer had made pit for chicken dung, automatic manure removal system will be installed soon, it is also the choose of most farmers, reduce much trouble.

Birds in Chicken cage - after laying hens grew up to 12 weeks, they are going to egg laying period, farmers will transfer them to chicken layer cage.


We promise 15 years no rusting and change broken fittings in 5 years of above chicken cage, please click Battery Cage to learn more helpful advice on how to choose suitable size and quality of battery cage for your own poultry farm.

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