A Frame Automatic Pullet Cage

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Chick cage we introduced here is mainly rearing baby egg laying chicken, Chick cage also is named to pullet cage or brooder cage. if you want to learn baby broiler cage, please check Broiler cage.  BEST chick cage rears baby egg laying chicken from one day old chicks, after 12 weeks or 16 weeks it grows up and near egg laying time, farmers will transport them to egg laying chicken cage also named layer cage, finish the whole rearing processing. Lifespan of BEST chick cage Chick cage ‘s lifesp...

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A Frame Automatic Pullet Cage

It is designed for pullets which bird age(rearing period) is from day to day 120 old. This system also can be equipped with automatic feeding, drinking, manure removal and climate control system. It is more popular using in tropic country because it is just working well in open house without climate control system. If it used in close of temperate area, the ventilation and heating system are vital to the pullets.






Model Cage length(m) Width of ditch(m) Equipment height(m) Side wall height(m) Type
A-3144 1.4 1.95 2.30 2.80 A



Detailed introduction

Cage system

Each unit dimension of the pullet cage is 1950*500*(350--400)mm,3 cells per unit,with 9-10 birds per cell,each cell dimension is 650*500*(350-400)mm,so each birds can get 390--433 sq.cm. at least within 17 weeks

Bottom net is densely welded together,the plastic cushion which put on the bottom cage mesh can protect the pullet feet and make them more comfortable


Both the pullet cage meshes and cage support leg frames are processed by hot dipped galvanization because this system usually working 3 recycles per year and most of them working in high temperature and humidity houses;

Raising density per unit area can increase 50% - 100% compared with flooring system and the possibilities of infection diseases caused by manure decrease, therefore, death rate is minimized because invariable birds in each cell of cages,and then it is also convenient for observing growth condition of birds, grouping and selection


Amount of exercise is small, therefore, more feed is saved by the professional pullet feed trough the adjust board which can be improve inside height with the pullet growing

Comparing with the floor raising system,the padding cost for flooring system is deducted, dramatically reduces birds disability;


Drinking system

It is made up by the square pipes(thickness 2.5mm) or round pipes(thickness 2.0mm) with 360 degree flowing nipple

drinkers, water drip cups and water pressure regulators, terminals, splits, water filters makes sure the water is clean

The drinking system can be automatic nipple drinking line and manual feeders and drinkers for first two weeks while the pullets are too small to get water nipple drinkers

The pipes can be adjusted in higher level as pullets growing bigger day by day because the grid meshes has empty design in the middle place to adjust the pipes going up to higher level



Automatic feeding system

Both of the traveling hopper(feeding carts) type and chain feeding system are available. The augers and chain materials made in South Africa, also the best quality worldwide

The feeding cart connected with the silo by the transverse feeding auger is more popular here.In this system, feed is distributed automatically to the feed carts from the feed silos by the spiral augers located in a pipe with 90-150 mm diameter



Manure removal system


The 1--3 tier of cages can be fitted with manure curtain on the back of the cage meshes in case of the dropping manure from upper tiers.

Manure belt system or manure scraper in the manure pits to collect the chicken manure outside of house;the A frame pullet cage system also can be equipped with the manure belts system under the cages which can work together with the manure conveyors.



Electricity control panels 

electrical control panel for feeding system: The electrical installation and control board of feeding system consist of stop switches taking part on top and bottom parts, control cables and timer;the panel for manure removal system: these buttons are featuring sealed and self protection system of engines. It is consisting of protective circuits and fuses of 2 pieces of engines with reducers of horizontal and vertical manure conveyors.



Farm Application



How the layout of chicken cage and poultry equipment will be done as your land? 

According to yourl land size, drawing of Poultry house and layout of chicken cage and poultry equipment



How to choose right chicken cage or poultry equipment for your farm ? Contact me

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    Cage basket size
    1) 195cm* 50cm* 35cm
    2)  3 small cells/ cage basket 
    3)  the sliding door
    4)  10 chicks/cage
    5) small feeders and drinkers in cells
    Full cage system size
    1) A type, 3 tiers
    2) 6 cage baskets
    3) 2m by 2m by 1.65m
    4) 120 birds/set
    5) driniking system, feeding system, dropping plate

    BEST chick cage gives your egg laying chicken a comfortable home
    Easy to give food and water for one day old chicken
    In every cell of BEST chick cage there are 1KG feeders and 1L drinkers, so you do not need to worry about chick’s feeding and drinking, after baby chick growing up to 1 week or 2 weeks, chicks could eat by feeding trough on cage, these small drinkers and feeders will move from cage.
    Cage structure easily adjust for different age chicks
    1) Between one day old chicks and 2 weeks, chicks request comfortable standing place, BEST put plastic mesh on bottom cage mesh, it is softer and more flexible, greatly improve rate of survival, plastic mesh will be moved after 2 weeks to make sure bottom cage is better service for growing egg laying chicken.
    2) As chicks growing up and higher, the drinking pipes and nipple drinkers will rise, it adjust only two times in the whole rearing processing.


    1. Put one day old chick broiler directly to broiler cage
    2. Your broiler cage layout will be designed as your land or chicken house, freely supply house design and layout
    3. Normally the walking way is between 0.7m to 1m, building pit under cage system, the distance between the wall and cage row is 0.7m


    1. Long time using
    More than 15 years lifetime, best galvanized surface treatment line is imported from Germany, uniform zinc coat is more resistant to corrosion
    2. Easy to installation
    We supply installation instruction and video, no need professional technicians
    3. Excellent natural ventilation environment
    More fresh air on all tier
    4. Land & Space Saving
    A type design, use up space too, raising capacity is three or four times than ground feeding


    The cage and frame are no package , some fittings are in plastic bags and carton box. 
    1. Less of full container: below 80 sets, first packed with plastic film then on the pallets 
    2. Full container: Nude packing


    1. After finish installation, clean the feeding trough
    2. Connect water, to make sure the whole drinking system is well from row beginning to end
    3. After 2 years using, move all birds, clean the cage mesh
    4. Replace the nipple drinkers if they link water to protect brid feather, medicinal water will make feather fall off


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